“In a street”

Drawing has always been my passion and what I loved the most, was to capture my dreams. Every day I would wake up and I would immediately grab my sketchbook and start drawing what I dreamt of the night before. To be honest, I didn’t always remember every detail, but there was a little voice in the back of my head to remind me everything. It was like this voice had a mind of its own that had the ability to transfer ideas to my mind.

The past year, I often had dreams and every single one of them took place in specific street. I never managed to see it from up close, since whenever I tried to get close, I would always wake up for a weird reason. The only thing I remember clearly was that there was a closed shop that was up for rent.

My sketchbook was now full and I had also completed multiple paintings on canvas. I had also taken a lot of art lessons so I decided to chase my dream and start selling my art. For this to happen I had to move to a bigger town than the one I live now.

A month after my decision, I moved in Osaka. I bought a small apartment and luckily, I got used to the new environment quickly. After some research I also found a shop to rent so I could start selling my pieces of art.

I talked with the last owner of the shop, and we planned to meet at a café so he could guide me to the exact location. We introduced ourselves in person and he told me that his name is Yuta. His voice sounded familiar, but I ignored
it at the time. Afterwards, we started heading to the shop. I already knew that it was a street near my neighbourhood but when we got there I was shocked.

It wasn’t just a random street but the exact street and shop that I have always seen in my dreams. I didn’t say anything about it to Yuta, but I am pretty sure he noticed my shocked expression. Just before I entered the building I noticed something on a wall next to it. There were graffities on the wall, identical to my sketches. At this point the dots were starting to connect. I realized that Yuta’s voice sounded exactly like the voice in my head.

Then it hit me that it was probably my destiny to end up there. Maybe Yuta and I have some unexplainable or even supernatural connection. Maybe he was the voice in my head, basically my creativity all along and through my real dreams, he showed me the way to pursue the dreams that I have for the future.

Even if in the future my creativity guides me somewhere else, this street will forever remain in my memories. This street firstly appeared in my dreams and now it is making my dreams come true. This street is where everything started and hopefully where everything will end.


“A gift”

The word “gift” in my opinion is not only used for something that someone gave you as a present. It has a lot of meanings. A gift is when a disabled person can now walk or a blind person can now see for example. Very special ones. But the word “gift” can be used for a person who was born with a special talent too.

So today, I will tell you a story about a very special kid. It was around 2001 when this kid was born. It was a beautiful and healthy baby boy, but his mum had a feeling that this kid had something different. Something special. And she was right. By the way his name was Tom.

So, when Tom started kindergarten, kids were looking at him with a strange smile. There were curious not only because he was acting a little strange but because of his style. But they weren’t asking questions because they were scared. However, when he went to middle school, kids were different. They were asking questions. Some of them were bullying him too because of his character. This school was in a little village, so they didn’t have many teachers.

But one year a new music teacher came. Tom thought that this was the time to show his talent. Tom secretly loved music. So, when the first class of music started, he showed what he could do to the teacher. From that day on, everyone at school wanted to be friends with him. He was very proud of his
talent. Now he is a very famous musician. Every time someone asks him “How do you feel about your talent?” he says, “That was a gift from God that I will never forget”.

Γλώσσης Χρήστος

A Gift

“Happy birthday!” everyone said after I blew out the candles on my 8th birthday. I was very excited to open the gifts I got,especially the one from my grandma-she always gives me the coolest things.Last year she got me a toy car.This year,I’m
hoping  for that toy car I’ve been wanting.I opened the gifts carefully and saved grandma’s for last.I finally opened it with excitement but was disappointed to see a key.I threw it out
of anger and my grandma rushed to get it.”Take it,”she said,”and wait! You’ll figure out what  it is for one day.” “OK,” I replied.

It’s been 5 years since then. My grandma passed away shortly after she gave me the key. I still don’t know what it’s meant to open. I study it carefully every day. The only thing I found
is some letters in Hindi. I looked it up but the translation is so weird!It went “When the golden Sun rises, go to the submarine Temple to unlock the blue hail.” I’m going there on a school  trip for 2 weks soon so I’ll try figuring out the meaning of the letters there.It also has a weird  yellow gem.I think it has something to do with the letters.

As the plane landed,we got off and went to our hotel to check in.We left our stuff and went for a tour of the city.Everyone was allowed to pick a place to sit and rest for an
hour. We were 8. There would be enough time for everyone to visit the place they wanted until we went back for  dinner.As we were walking after a visit to a cafe,I saw a local library.I chose that to rest so I  could do some research.I looked through the books till I found one with the exact key as mine  on the cover.I took it and got a translation app for Hindi.I started reading it and I found the letters from my key with a picture of a map on the last page.I took a photo of it and left.

That night I studied the picture with the map.I went to get a map to locate where that was.It was  on the coast of Sri Lanka.I felt stupid because I made the translation of the letters in the wrong language.I translated the letters again,this time in the right language and they said “When the  sun rises on the morning of the first day of the Chinese year,go to the coral reef and let the  sunlight go through the key’s gem.” The start for the Chinese year was tomorrow.I packed some things and,with my teacher,we went there.On the way,I explained to her what had happened.She agreed to help me.

As the boat was sailing to the coral reef,I couldn’t stop thinking of my grandma.Thanks to her,I’m living this adventure!After a while,we finally arrived as the sunrise came.Light flooded the scene. It was delightful!I took the key out of my pocket and put my hand up so the light could go through it.After it did,the key started shining and the sea had something under its surface that made it light  up.Then a key came out of the water with a chest.The key was identical to mine but its gem was  blue.I tried to open the chest with both keys but neither of them worked.I walked inside the boat disappointed.I accidentally dropped the keys and they touched.Then they lit up and merged into  a key with a green gem.I tried that and it opened the chest.Inside was a gem.I took it and looked  it up.It turns out that archeology groups all over the world were looking for it.Its cost was 3.2  billion dollars.I was filled with adrenaline.After the boat sailed back to the coast,we took a flight to  India.

I sold the gem and now I don’t have to worry financially about me and the next generations of my family.All that thanks to my grandma.I still don’t know how she got the key but I owe her everything  I have right now.Who had expected all that? Certainly not me!

In a street

Once upon a time on a dark street there were five brave
teenagers having the funniest time of their lives knocking on peoples’ doors when they suddenly came across a suspicious looking door that was almost ready to collapse just like the rest of the house.

Firstly, three of the teenagers were scared to go inside of the
creepy house but the other two wanted to explore it. The idea of those two wasn’t brilliant because inside of the house was hiding a high wanted criminal that had over ten accusations of murder. The criminal was sleeping at the time and the teenagers were trapped inside the house because the door was closed shut.

In panic the kids started to freak out and one of them fainted. The teenagers didn’t know what to do and they were miserable because if the killer woke up then all of them would die. Accidentally one of the teenagers knocked a big piece of wood and the killer woke up. Now the
teens didn’t stand a chance fighting a serial killer so they took their fainted friend and went into a room and blocked the door with wooden crates so that the killer wouldn’t come inside.

The killer tried to get into the room but he couldn’t because the
teens had blocked the entrance to the room really well. After many hours their fainted friend gained his consciousness again. The kids had a plan to knock out the killer and find a way to leave the house forever. So, the teens unblocked the entrance and the serial killer barged inside the room by breaking the door with his powerful kick.

The teens thought the fight was going to be easy but what they
didn’t see was that the man was well-built, tall and in his early thirties so the man was fighting with ease. The most precious thing that the kids didn’t notice was that they were outnumbering five to one the serial killer.

The kids managed to knock the killer out of his feet but he got up
twice as fast back up. Three of them were fighting the killer and the other two were unblocking the exit. After about an hour the exit was finally unblocked. The killer tried to stop them from exiting but one of the teens broke a thick wooden stick on his head and the killer had finally fainted.

Finally, the kids rushed to the exit and managed to escape the
killers’ house. To this day when someone tells me a version of the story it gives me goosebumps because this house is one block away from my neighborhood and they say that the killer is staying to that house on the same straight street from my house.

Written by: Pantelis Vrakas